In order to inform the public opinion about the project and the role of European Union, the European Regional Development Fund, Operational Programme Innovative Economy has taken a number of features to promote the project itself and its results.

The most important of these include:

1. Organizing of three scientific - information events called "Baltic Stem-Cell Meeting" in Krakow or Szczecin in the years 2011, 2013 and 2015. In the event will always be attended by approximately 100 guests from Poland and abroad engaged in stem cell research. In total, the entire series of events will be attended by about 300 researchers and guests. National and local media will be also invited for participation in the event. The organizers will provide relevant materials indicating the popular therapeutic perspectives offered by stem cells. Such reunions will facilitate cooperation and attract future partners in the European grants reported. The purpose of these meetings will be the launch of the next conference, which will be regularly organized in other countries of the Baltic Sea area.

2. Every six months, each partner in consortium organizes meeting for project partners, which will release the report from latest results. This document will be presented to the research centers in the country dedicated to research on stem cells, so that the progress of the project reach of the scientific community. The report will be also send to the media and publishers of electronic journals. It is planned to organize 13 of such meetings (every six months).

3. To inform the academic community and the public opinion a special website bearing the logos will be created. This page will inform you about the progress of the research, the important breakthroughs and results of research conducted.

4. An important promotional activity will organize two winter schools for Polish and foreign PhD students, who will be trained by the most distinguished experts in the field of stem cell research. Each in the project will attend 50 students and 20 teachers. The workshop will be started with information about the role played by the ERDF project.

5. Buildings of institutions where the research will be carried out will be marked with special information boards, which contain data on the amount of funds and the duration of the project. In addition, all scientific equipment, which will be acquired for the project will be marked with special labels that indicate the source of financing.

6. In parallel, it is planned to set up Society of Regenerative Medicine in Poland. The founders of the Society are members of this consortium. The Society will be interdisciplinary and will gather experts from different fields of biology, biotechnology and medicine.

7. Members of the consortium will conduct lectures at universities which educate students in biological and medical sciences. Such lectures will be preceded with brief information about the strategic program and its financing mechanisms.

8. In the published articles, prepared PHD theses and habilitation theses authors will note that they research are financed by funds from the European Union (European Regional Development Fund).)

9. Appropriate logo will be prepared and will be placed in the bottom corner of the slides included in the scientific presentations prepared by the consortium members for the presentation of the results at international and national scientific meetings.