Research tasks

The project " Innovative methods of stem cells application in medicine" consists of 9 research tasks:

Task 1: Molecular mechanisms regulating the physiology and pathology of VSELs.

Task 2: The role of VSELs in endogenous mechanisms of  the pathophysiological response to acute disorders of  homeostasis.

Task 3: The search for new markers of VSELs on  mouse, rat and human cells, in order to optimize their acquisition for the  research and clinical purposes.

Task 4: Optimizing regenerative myogenic and angiogenic potential of stem cells, including the VSELs.

Task 5: Investigation of  the role of antioxidant genes in enhancement of  the regenerative potential of VSELs.

Task 6: Examination of  the role and biological properties of VSELs in the skin regeneration.

Task 7: VSELs in ischemic heart disease.

Task 8: Understanding the role of stem cells in the formation and expansion of cancer. The development of new therapeutic strategies based on the elimination of cancer stem cells.

Task 9: Examination of  the possibility of using VSELs for regenerative therapy in central nervous system disorders.